Automated file-based QC

In-depth quality and compliance check at every stage of the content lifecycle
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More than 70 QC checks


Verifica effortlessly checks huge volumes of media content against a wide array of parameters and industry standards

The software is a perfect fit for:
TV/OTT broadcasters
Content providers
Post-production houses
Broadcast system integrators

Verifica - file QC at its best

Post-production Quality Control
Integrations and connected platforms:
Enhance your workflows by connecting Verifica to third party tools and platforms

Key Features

Save resources - verify efficiently

Automated Content verificationFast analysis

Unlimited QC tasks

The number of files being checked simultaneously is limited only by your hardware capacity

Custom Templates

Customize verification settings to be applied to each format and source.

Powered by AI

AI-based checks for more accurate detection of video defects

Linux OS support

Take advantage of the free open-source operating system

Any Source You Want

Support of various file repositories: local storage, AWS S3 Storage, Avid NEXIS, Quantum StorNext, etc.

QC in the Cloud

Available both for on-premises and cloud environments, Verifica ensures a quick start and efficient scaling

Key Features

Don't miss a spot  - verify comprehensively

video quality check softwareMedia Player

Configurable Test Sets

A comprehensive set of 70+ checks to ensure that your media files meet the specified requirements

Loudness Correction Module

Make the most of Verifica’s loudness correction in compliance with the EBU R128 standard

VOD Verification

A broad spectrum of checks designed to verify media in the OTT environment


HDR (High Dynamic Range) metadata compliance and accuracy verification


Integrates seamlessly into the existing workflow by letting you master QC tasks from any media software

Actionable Reports

Explicit customizable PDF, JSON and XML reports available for a quick examination or an in-depth analysis and further editing
To the Full List of Checks and Formats

Key Features

Gain flexibility - verify what-, when-, and however you need

QC for broadcastingPlugin for Adobe Premiere Pro

QC dockerization

Wrapped in a Docker container, the system is easy and quick to start and run in any OS

Easy to Scale

Add new analysis servers and watch the system scale as your media volume grows


No need to create countless source folders - add a root, then simply drag&drop files for QC


Separate projects, tasks and workflows by having multiple workspaces with individual settings

Flexible Licensing

Subscription or a perpetual license - choose what works best for you

High Availability

Automatic hot redundancy ensures flawless operation even in the case of a component failure

Learn more about Verifica and all the QC workflows you can automate

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Feel Supported

Verify with confidence

We're open to your suggestions for custom enhancements.
Missing any tests, formats, or functionality?
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Intuitive Web UI
The interface that gives you guidance rather than inflicts unnecessary guesswork
Exceptionally User-Friendly Onboarding
We’ll demo the system, put it to work, and help you get proficient in using it
Best SupportTeam on the Market
Don’t hesitate to broadcast your questions or concerns - we’ll transmit back without delay


Subscription Plans

A perfect pick for production studios or advertising agencies
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What’s included:

All checks (including VOD, HDR)
Unlimited number of concurrent files
3 custom templates

1 workspace

Customizable reports (PDF, JSON, XML)
E-mail support

Infrastructure management and costs (hardware or cloud facilities) - are the responsibility of the user

Support and system updates are included for the entire subscription period
A must-have for broadcasters/OTT providers and big production houses
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Everything in “Start”, plus:

Unlimited templates
Unlimited workspaces
Loudness correction

Media player

Drag’n’Drop client
Adobe Premiere PRO plugin
API access
E-mail/phone support

Infrastructure management and costs (hardware or cloud facilities) - are the responsibility of the user

Support and system updates are included for the entire subscription period
No need to cater for the hardware! We provide a comprehensive QC solution in our own cloud
Customize Verifica plan
Contact to customize your own Verifica plan
Infrastructure cost and management - all taken care of by Verifica
Support and system updates are included for the entire subscription period

Want to pay once? Talk to Sales to learn more about a lifetime Verifica AQC license

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